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Geriatric Care Management Carolyn Brennan-AlleyPlanning can become very difficult when families are confronted with complex decisions regarding an aging relative. Brennan-Alley & Associates delivers superior Geriatric Care Management (GCM) services—providing an objective, experienced viewpoint, while also acknowledging and building on the many strengths elders and their families bring to the conversation.

Brennan-Alley provides a comprehensive, systematic assessment of the elder’s situation that considers their mental and functional status, as well as the level of support the elder will require to foster optimal safety and independence.

The act of moving and the reality of distance can be critical issues in developing a successful care plan for an elder. Brennan-Alley can determine the preparation that will be necessary for an elder to move closer to family—out of Maine or into Maine. Our extensive experience enables us to provide effective consultations both in person and by telephone.